Transform 2016

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Transform 2016


It's Time For A Change.

Shop and greenhouse 1 get a new look

Transform 2016


Change opens opportunity for creativity. Change spurs growth, stretches boundaries and opens doors. Change transforms the world and us.


When we open up, we open ourselves to change. Perhaps through conversation with a friend or witnessing a sign of spring it starts. Just as a Monarch caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we too can reinvent ourselves. Shift surroundings and spur vigor to create.






Transform 2016



In January we met as a group and brainstormed.  The question? Where do we want to take Distinctive Gardens into the future?

For us, it was relevancy.  And simplicity.  We wanted to see what happens when you take it down to the basics and really try to give people what they want. And have some fun while doing it.


Everyone got busy.  Quin and Jay took over the first house and completely gutted the old benches.  They built over 60 new  completely transforming the first house.


While this was going on the entire shop got overhauled.  

We were ready for change. And for a new way to present the things we love, plants, art, community activities and gardening.  

Everybody contributed. Even the WEBSITE got a new look. 





Transform 2016





Introducing a new concept called “Shop Story”.


Shop stories switch like art shows.

Unfold like good books.

Pop with project parties.

And happen with community events.


Each seasonal story focuses on one theme.







Transform 2016




Please join us for the opening reception of


April 7, 2016





Happy Spring!

By the way, we're open for the season on April 1st!






Transform 2016

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