Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

Monday, 08 December 2014 Written by Bud LeFevre Posted in Dig In, Tips

Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

Let's have some good smelling fun

Remember those evergreens I told you not to cut back?  Now is the time to go out and snip some of the new growth off and trim them back to the desired height.  Now don't throw away all those pieces of evergreen because I'm going to show you how to make a handmade fresh cut evergreen wreath.

I always like to use three to five kinds of greens in a wreath. I gather them up in a bundle and then using paddle wire and a metal frame, I take bundles and wire them to the frame, working my way around, while wrapping at least three times around on each bundle until I get to the end.  The last bundle is tricky.  You have to lift up the first bundle, slide the last underneath and wire in. Leave some length on the wire and form a loop for hanging.  

Next, I spray the wreath with wilt-proof.  This is an anti-desiccant that you can pick up at a nursery.  McCormick's Nursery usually carries it.  

Put a bow on first and then decorate with pinecones, nuts and seed heads from the garden for a natural look.  A glue gun comes in handy for this step.  

The combination of fresh cut greens and spraying with wilt-proof will ensure your wreath lasts well through the winter.  

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