2014 Combo of the Week May 21

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 Written by Lisa Higby LeFevre Posted in Dig In, Plants, Combos, Create

2014 Combo of the Week May 21

Combo of the Week 

Mr. Bojangles 


Mr. Bojangles sparkles with a twinkle of bell and star-shaped flowers from Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Violette, accented by the delicate blooms of Euphorbia Diamond Frost offset by a burst of Super Elfen Pink Impatiens and the cascading spill of Dichondra Silver Falls.  This dainty little combo will brighten any shady porch creating an imaginative display of color, shape and texture.

Thriller: Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Violette

Filler: Euphorbia Diamond Frost, Impatiens Super Elfen Pink

Spiller: Dichondra Silver Falls

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